LAMP Server on KDE Linux

LAMP Server on KDE Linux ( Neon ): Easy Installation Steps

LAMP Server on KDE Linux is very important software who want to do web development. For web developers, especially those whose preferred programming language is PHP, the LAMP server is the essential component. They require it to develop web applications.

Today in this article I am using the Linux operating system. I am using Linux KDE Neon. If you are using some other operating system, please mention it in the comment section. I will definitely come with an article for installation steps on your preferred operating systems.

So, coming to the point, to install LAMP Server on KDE Linux, following the below mentioned simple steps –

  1. Open Terminal

In this step, you need to open your terminal, In KDE neon we have a terminal with the name “Konsole”. You may also have some different names for terminal depending on your flavor of Linux. So, find your terminal in the applications menu and open it.

LAMP Server on KDE Linux

2. Run sudo apt update

You need to run this command to update all the packages which are already installed on your system.

3. Install LAMP Server

sudo apt install apache2 php mysql-server php-mysql libapache2-mod-php

4. Testing LAMP Installation –

To test LAMP server installtion here we will create a php file in /var/www/html directry which will display us the installed version of php. it will display a lot of information about the plugins and add-ons of php which are installed on your system.

Navigate to the above mentioned directory by typing the below command -
cd /var/www/html
Create a PHP info file -
sudo touch info.php
sudo chown www-data:www-data info.php

Now, Open this php file in a editor. I am using here nano text editor.
sudo nano info.php

Now write the below code in this php file. 
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Ctrl+x to Save & Exit from nano Editor ;)

That's it. LAMP server is now installed on your system. You can simply verify it by opening the below url in any browser of your choise.

LAMP Server on KDE Linux

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