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How to Install WordPress on Shared Hosting or Local Server

WordPress is the CMS ( Content Management System ) which is very popular among web designers. So, today we are going to discuss here how to install WordPress. It is up to you whether you want to install it on the hosting server or you want to install it on your local machine. We will discuss both things.

First of all we need to download WordPress. You can download the latest stable from here.

Note –

If you are planning to install wordpress on shared hosting server and you are using Cpanel you do not need to download it. In cpanel we will just install it through Softaculous Apps installer.

How to install WordPress on a shared hosting server?

  • First of all Login to your Cpanel Account provided by your hosting provider. After Successfull login your Cpanel should look something like below screenshot.
install wordpress cpanel
  • Now scroll down and find Softaculous Apps Installer and open it.
install wordpress cpanel
softaculous apps -- install wordpress doalongme
  • Now click on WordPress.

Note –

If you do not find wordpress on your softaculous apps dashboard. Find in from left menu under blogs.
install wordpress shared hosting server doalongme
  • Now click on Install now Button as highlighted in above image.
install wordpress doalongme
  • A form will be open up like the above screenshot. Fill in all the details and click on the install now button. You will be asked some basic details – like a version of WordPress you want to install, domain on which you want to install, installation folder, admin credentials, site name, site description, etc.

When you click on Install now button. It will start installation and after installation you will recieve a confirmation message like below screenshot.

Congrats ! You have successfully instlled wordpress on your hosting server. Enjoy !!!

How to install WordPress on a local server?

In order to install wordpress on a local server, you first of all need to setup a local server on your machine. You can setup WAMP, LAMP or any other web server of your choice which supports wordpres. I hope you have already done that. So, now we will be moving to the installation of wordpress.

  • I hope you have already downloaded WordPress from the link I mentioned in starting. Extract the zip file that you downloaded.
  • Copy the contents that you found after extracting the .zip file. and paste to the desired folder in the local web server public directory. It may be www or htdocs depending on your web server.
  • Now open that URL on your browser. Like for me see the below screenshot.
  • Here we start with the first step to installing WordPress on our local server. Select the language of your choice and click on continue.
  • Click on the Let’s Go button. Here they have mentioned the requirements to install WordPress. You can read them if you wish. Otherwise do not forget to comment below for your problems or feedback.
  • In the next step fill all the details and click on submit button. If you have not created your database for WordPress yet. Then create your database with the tools of your web server. I am using WAMP Server. So, I did it with PHPMyAdmin.
  • After clicking on submit button, you will see screen like below screenshot.
  • Click on run the Installation button.
  • Now, the above form will open after installation, fill in all the required details about your website. Click on the Install WordPress button after filling the form.

Grand Success 👍👍

Hurray !!! You have successfully installed wordpress on your local server. Click on login and enjoy!

If you are facing any issues while following this article, do not forget to mention me in the comment section. I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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